Guide to Playing Keno

Things to Remember about Playing Keno

1. Keno is a game of luck. There is no strategy that works with it as far as picking winning numbers is concerned.

2. Previous results have no bearing on subsequent keno draws. This means if the numbers 2, 40 and 17 do not appear for five consecutive draws, there is no reason to believe that they are more likely to appear in following draws. So it is useless for you to keep track of past draws in an attempt to find "patterns" in them. It may be fun though.

3. Playing keno is more suited for gamblers who play for fun, not serious players who like to win often and build up their bankrolls. You may not often win playing keno, but when you do it will probably be pretty big.

Steps to Playing Keno

1. Read your casino's keno brochure to know the rules and the payout schedule. If something is unclear to you, ask any casino employee about it.

2. Buy as many keno tickets as you want to play.

3. Use you pen to mark the numbers you are betting on.

4. During the keno draw, check your ticket(s) as each number is called.

5. If you have a qualifying win, go immediately to the keno table to claim your prize.

Tips for Playing Keno

1. If you are new to playing keno, start with only one ticket.

2. Do NOT lose your ticket. You can't claim your prize without it if you win.

3. Be sharp and quick. All prizes must be claimed before the start of the next keno game. If you don't claim your prize right away and the next game begins, your prize will be considered forfeited.

4. Decide on what numbers to bet on before you actually start playing keno. This will let you play faster.

5. Be as wild in your selections as you want. Anything goes. Any set of numbers is as likely to hit as any other.

6. If you get bored playing keno, take a break and play cards or dice. Keno tickets can be had easily just about anywhere in the casino. So you can play no matter what other game you are occupied with.

7. Play way tickets from time to time. A way ticket lets you split a single bet into several sets of numbers. This saves you money.

8. Don't take keno too seriously. Playing keno is all about having fun more than anything else. Don't do anything like betting your life-savings on it.

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