Keno Rules: Play It Like It's Lottery--- A Lot!

If you're after a game that is easy to play and requires minimal wagering bankroll but substantial payouts, then come to a keno lounge. Here you'll have all the excitement you seek from gambling. And you'll even have free drinks!

Keno rules are easy to follow and understand. The game is played almost in the same manner as lottery. In a lottery, players bet on a choice of numbers that they believe would hit. Keno rules are also observed in almost the same manner.

In keno, a card bearing a grid of squares numbered 1 through 80 is used. The bettor then marks a selection of numbers. The set of numbers a player wagers on is known as Spot.

Keno rules regarding the least and most number of spots one may bet on differ among casinos. Some casinos have spot limits of 4 (minimum) and 10 (maximum). Some allow as many as 15 and even 30 spots.

The player then brings the ticket to a keno writer, who will present you with a ticket. The ticket shows the number of spots, your spot-selection, and the amount you wagered. Keno rules regarding bets also vary among casinos. Some casinos allow a minimum of a dollar per ticket while some allow as minimal as ten cents. You may also increase your bets per ticket, and your winnings will be multiplied accordingly as the base payout value times your total bet amount. Payout values per number of spot and bet appear on a payout table.

A mechanical device referred to as "rabbit ear blower" draws 20 balls from a large "hand cage" which has 80-numbered balls. The number drawn will be read aloud by a writer and will then be shown on a large screen. Television screens scattered in places throughout the casino will also display the winning numbers. You then win according to how many of your selected numbers hit.

Keno rules regarding redemption of winnings also vary. Some casinos rule that the winnings be redeemed before the start of another game. Some casinos stretch redemption time allowance to a few hours and even days. However, keno rules on redemption for multiple keno tickets such as way and king tickets may be different. Knowing then the specific rules of a casino is essential.

In a nutshell, keno rules bear resemblances with rules of play of lottery. You only have to pick any numbers 1 through 80. You can wager on any number. Since the drawing of numbers is done lottery-like, there's no telling what numbers will give you a win. So just pick any number, have fun, enjoy your drink, and don't forget to redeem your winnings if your numbers hit.

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