Placing Your Bets in a Game of Keno

There are people who avoid playing a game of keno simply because the keno ticket seems overly complicated. These players just don't know what they're missing in terms of excitement and winnings that only keno can give. Filling out a keno ticket and placing your bets in keno isn't a complicated thing. It's just one of those seemingly menacing things that only appears like it but doesn't really have much of a bite to it.

To make your bets in a game of keno the only piece of equipment you'll definitely have to get is a ticket. That ticket you'll have to mark, so you'll have to get a complimentary marker (comes free from the casino). To make your bets, just pick numbers on your keno ticket and then mark them. After you're done marking your ticket, take it to the keno teller who in turn records your bets and then gives you a printed copy your chosen numbers on a slip.

Of course, to complete placing your bet you would have to pay the corresponding amount depending on how much you wager and how many numbers you chose to mark on the keno ticket. It is an important thing to know that there are 80 numbers on a keno ticket.

Here's a little side note about picking numbers on your keno ticket when placing your bets. You have all the freedom to choose how many numbers you wish to choose on your keno ticket. To pick a number you can circle every single one you like to bet on. The receipt you get from the teller upon submitting your keno ticket should indicate all the numbers you chose to place your bet on. The numbers you chose on your keno ticket is called a spot.

Let's say you chose 30 numbers on your keno ticket and the price is for every number is five dollars, your keno ticket is then designated as a five dollar 30 spot ticket, which costs you 150 dollars by the way. There are different denominations for the bets you can make in keno so you don't have to worry about making a ridiculously huge bet you don't really want to make.

North American casinos will usually give you crayons to mark your keno ticket when you make your bets, but there are casinos who still stick with the traditional brushes and India ink, which have been in use in the game since 100 BC.

When collecting your winnings please remember to verify the numbers and the amount you expect to collect. You don't want to lose any many in this game, which also means you have to collect your keno winnings before the next numbers are drawn so you won't forfeit your cash prize.

Making keno bets are easy and uncomplicated. The ticket just looks menacing, but it's really harmless.