Winning the Big Bucks in Internet Keno

Play keno at the ease and speed of computer and within the range of your own home. Sit at the comfort of your own home-based keno lounge with internet keno.

Like most online-based games, internet keno can be played on a downloaded version or on a flash-based version. With the downloaded version, the software will be installed into your computer. On the other hand, flash-based gaming allows instant play---no downloading required.

Internet keno is a much more convenient way to play keno than land-based keno and video keno. In online keno, all the betting and marking of cards can be done at the speed of a mouse click.

For instance, when you want to place a bet, you need only to choose between two usual bet options available, then click the button of your choice. If you want to make a minimum bet, press Bet 1; to make a maximum bet, press Bet Max.

When playing internet keno, you have the added advantage of being able to choose from a variety of keno machines. You have machines that can be played at 10 cents, at 25 cents, at a dollar.

Selection of the numbers you are betting on is done by clicking on the number. If you want to change a number simply click on that number again then choose a different number.

As it is offline keno, you are to select from numbers 1 to 80. In internet keno, you can make a selection of 1-10 numbers. When selecting numbers, know your win goal. For, the more numbers you select, the more chances you have of hitting. But the more numbers you select, the lesser the payoff.

In online, it doesn't matter how many numbers you select. The bet doesn't increase or decrease with the size of your selection. However, the size of your selection affects the payoff.

In online, you can also set your selection to be used in a number of consecutive games. You will find on your computer screen Play 1, Play 5, and Play 10 tabs. These also serve as game activation buttons. By pressing any of these, you start the drawing of numbers by the computer RNG. Play 1 sets off one game; Play 5 sets off five games; and Play 10 sets off 10 games.

If you have a number that hits, the number will light up. Then Your total payoff will be displayed on the computer screen.

Another advantage of internet keno is it has higher return than offline keno. While offline keno has a return rate of 65-80%, internet online keno offers 88-95%. Thus, you are always sure you'll be getting more when you play online keno.

If you're a keno lover, why bother driving to a casino when you can play keno at home. With higher payback percentage, internet keno offers more money to win and more speed and convenience in playing. Play for bigger prize, play with convenience, play internet keno.